Objective refraction


2. Objective refraction

Measurement with i.Profiler®

In the Vision System Stores we have the first i.Profiler® in Frankfurt and Munich! This makes us Frankfurt’s and Munich’s specialist in the new ZEISS i.Scription® lenses.

After determining your personal needs, we analyse your eyes with the i.Profiler®. The innovative measuring system from Carl Zeiss Vision measures your eyes with the aid of wavefront technology across the entire diameter of your pupil. This allows us to obtain much more accurate results than with traditional vision testing instruments and to create a precise profile of your eyes.

Determining the imaging properties of your eyes using wavefront technology.

Unlike traditional refraction systems, i.Profiler® does not only record low order aberrations such as sphere, cylinder and axis. It also records higher order aberrations. These aberrations have a major influence on the quality of the retinal image and are the cause of reduced visual contrast or low quality vision in poor light.

i.Scription®, the new optimisation method from ZEISS, takes into account the higher order aberrations in order to optimise the corrective powers of the lenses. The result: your retinal image becomes more precise.

Using ZEISS computing know-how, the i.Scription® algorithm calculates different situations of use so that you can also rely on your lenses in special visual conditions such as at night or in twilight. Our lenses offer more than safety in poor light: colours will appear to be richer than ever before, and you experience fantastic depth of field – and all with outstanding contrast and clarity.


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