Selecting the lenses

Frame & lenses

7. Selecting the lenses

The optimum ZEISS brand lens

After measuring all important data for the interaction of your eyes with the lenses, we jointly select the ideal lenses. Also depending on your budget wishes, of course, your lenses are then selected exclusively from the world’s largest range of spectacle lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision.

The combination of exact eye measurement and data evaluation allows an optimum dialog between your eyes and the lenses: the progressive lens design is adapted to the movement of your eyes through the individual ranges of the lens – this ensures high visual quality and natural spatial perception.

Freeform technology transfers the optimised design directly and precisely to the lens surface to be produced. The resulting 40% larger binocular zones mean less stress and more comfort with your progressive lenses.

ZEISS also determines the parameters that allow the production of even thinner, even lighter lenses.


Frame & lenses