Frame – lenses

6. Measuring

Centration with the RV Terminal®

After anatomical fitting, we record your personal spectacle and centring data with the aid of a computer. We do this because nobody’s face is symmetrical – this is an important detail for achieving micrometer accuracy in lens production. The highly sensitive eye notices even the smallest differences and reacts with various symptoms and fatigue in the long term.

Determining your personal spectacle and centring data.

With RV Terminal® from Carl Zeiss Vision we measure all important data for the interaction of your eyes and lenses to an accuracy of 1/10 of a millimetre. This is the only way in which we can fully use the optical performance of the high-tech lenses produced for you.

We determine your own very personal parameters such as the distance between your pupils, the exact distance of your eyes from the lenses, the inclination of your frame and the point at which your eye looks through the lens. Using this data, the RV Terminal® precisely determines the ideal position of the lenses in the frame and in front of your eyes.

By the way, if you cannot see yourself clearly in the mirror without the mounted lenses, the ZEISS centration system can use video images to show you what you will look like wearing your new frame.


Frame & lenses