Lens production


8. Lens production

ZEISS „Ultra Vision Competence“

Via the Internet we then send your refraction data and the values measured with the RV Terminal® to the ZEISS computer centre. The data is transferred directly from our systems to the computers at Carl Zeiss in Aalen/Germany. There, all stages of production are organized by the company’s own internal programs and software without any interface problems. We in the Vision System Store are connected to this system and can directly follow every step of the process.

Finishing at Carl Zeiss Vision

Using cutting edge industrial machines, the staff of Carl Zeiss Vision insert your lenses in your frame – with 1/10 mm accuracy as required by our measuring and centring data.
A single employee produces your spectacles from the start to the finish; this member of staff finally signs an appropriate warranty in his or her own name and on behalf of Carl Zeiss Vision. You receive uncompromising, high-end industrial quality from Carl Zeiss Vision.


Frame & lenses


  • 8. Lens production