Fitting the frame

Frame & lenses

5. Fitting the frame

Taking ergonomic aspects into account

We match your frame to your own personal physiognomy, anatomy and visual habits.

The frame is fitted exactly so that it will not slip: your glasses must remain securely in their original position on your nose even after long periods of wear. If after a while you have the feeling that the frame is no longer sitting correctly, please make an appointment with us. We will then re-fit the frame to its original position (all part of our service).

You tell us for what visual tasks you will be using your spectacles. Your everyday and special personal habits are of key importance here: your job, your hobbies, but also your height and the length of your arms determine your personal reading and working distance for your eyes.

These dimensions are important criteria for the production of your personal progressive lenses. The more personal data can be taken into account, the larger your visual ranges will be for totally relaxed vision.


Frame & lenses