The Vision System

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The Vision System
Step by step to the perfect spectacles

In our store you will receive tailor-made lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision individually produced for each of your eyes – and perfectly matched to your physiognomy and personal visual habits!

For our progressive lenses, this means: relaxed vision at every distance – with optimum fields of vision in the near, intermediate and distance ranges. Our lenses are so sharply focused on your needs that you will not even notice that you are wearing them: you will enjoy maximum visual comfort and well-being thanks to outstanding wearer tolerance.

Only the exact measurement and incorporation of the wearer’s personal parameters makes spontaneous, comfortable vision at all distances possible.

A short visual test or a short automatic measurement does not suffice to provide you with sharp, relaxed vision at all distances. In the Vision System Store we perform an extremely precise analysis of your visual performance.

This analysis is part of the Vision System, a systematic, high-end process, at the end of which you receive a perfect pair of progressive spectacles – and that’s guaranteed!

How can we be so certain?

  • Because we specialise in progressive spectacles.
  • Because we use only the latest technology and lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision.
  • Because ZEISS measuring systems and methods deliver ultra-precise results.
  • Because we master the critical interfaces, and your data passes through a seamlessly interwoven process.
  • Because our optometrists – an extremely highly qualified ophthalmic expert – looks after you from the start to the finish.
  • Because we take time to look after you and work to appointment only.


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