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Better quality of life with individualised progressive lenses

Only a progressive lens individually produced to meet your personal needs can take into account the special properties of your eye and your personal visual behaviour. In the Vision System Store we use a unique combination of leading edge ZEISS measuring systems to obtain your own very personal visual profile. Your personal measuring data makes your lenses totally unique and turn your spectacles into a „tailor-made suit“ for your eyes!

And, of course, we also want you to look good when wearing your new spectacles: in our stores we offer the collections of selected manufacturers to ensure that you find exactly the right frame to match your personality and style.

ZEISS Relaxed Vision®: optimum vision redefined.

For over 160 years now Carl Zeiss Vision has been conducting research into the interaction between the lens and the living eye and is a pioneer in almost all fields of optics. ZEISS research has resulted in a large number of inventions and global innovations that set new standards in everyday vision. The ophthalmic expertise of Carl Zeiss Vision is unparalleled anywhere on the market – expertise which means Relaxed Vision® for you:

  • The eye and the lens together form an optical system. Thanks to the knowledge gained in the company’s research activities, we look far beyond the spectacle lens itself in order to provide you with more relaxed vision thanks to an optimum dialogue between the eye and the lens.
  • Exact measurement, individual fitting. The precise eye measurement by us in the store and the ZEISS data evaluation form the basis for excellent vision right into the periphery of the lens.
  • Tailor-made visual comfort. We provide you with spectacles featuring high-tech lenses sharply focused on your personal visual behaviour.