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Because better vision is possible!

We have set ourselves the goal of helping you to forget your visual problem: with the Vision System you will receive progressive lenses that have been precisely and individually tailored to your eyes!

Whether you are at work or play, we always offer you a personalised solution – for greater comfort and safety.

In the Vision System Store we analyse the cause of your visual problems – to ensure that you do not have to tolerate poor vision for any second longer than today’s technology permits!

  • High contrast, good depth of field and greater safety in poor light because our innovative measuring technology performs a precise measurement not only at individual points of your eyes, but across the entire diameter of your pupil.
  • Outstanding wearer tolerance because each lens is exactly and individually designed and produced to meet every requirement.
  • Relaxed vision from near to far because your eye and the lens together form one harmonious unit.

Enjoy visual excellence with relaxed eyes and outstanding prospects: make an appointment in one of our stores – we have reserved a parking space for you right in front of the door!

Enjoy natural vision again!

A condition known as presbyopia starts at around the age of 25 and is a totally normal process. The elasticity of the crystalline lens in your eye decreases – a process that becomes noticeable from the age of 40 onwards when the ability of your eyes to accommodate is reduced to such an extent that you can no longer focus on close objects.

Progressive lenses are then the best solution as only a lens of this type in which the dioptric power rises continuously from the distance to near zones can provide you with really clear, comfortable vision at all ranges: only progressive lenses can ensure that you do not have to keep changing your glasses for various distances!